Write On! has been developed to encourage writing in practical and positive applications while supporting creativity. The intended audience is out-of-school youth looking to strengthen their writing skills for personal growth, as well as anyone considering entering a high school equivalency preparation program. The fifteen (15) lessons are non-sequential and written at an accessible reading level. A student works semi-independently on each lesson with the assistance or oversight of a mentor. The lessons are designed to be completed in approximately 45 minutes. Each lesson addresses at least two concepts of the Six Trait Writing model. Each lesson also meets various standards of the Common Core Curriculum ELA Writing benchmarks.

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Title Topic Writing Traits Assessed
A Day in My Life Journal writing Ideas & Voice
Do it Just Like This Note-taking and making a list Organization & Word Choice
Going to the Doctor Creating a list of questions and taking notes Ideas & Organization
Hi, My Name is… Social interaction Ideas & Word Choice
How Do I Get There? Writing directions Ideas & Organization
I Need a Receipt Please Receipt writing Organization & Word Choice
Letter Writing Made Easy Formal letter writing Sentence Fluency & Conventions
Life’s Important Events Essay writing Conventions & Voice
Once Upon a Time Short story writing Voice & Word Choice
Tell Me a Folktale Folktale/creative writing Sentence Fluency & Voice
Thank You Very Much Informal letter writing Conventions & Sentence Fluency
That’s My Opinion Opinion–based writing Voice & Conventions
The Poetry of Life Poetry writing Ideas & Sentence Fluency
This Is What I Saw Report writing Conventions & Sentence Fluency
We’re in Agreement Simple contract writing Organization & Word Choice