The tutor guide is a handbook developed by the National PASS Center to provide the tutor who does not have a mathematical background with additional resources to assist them in providing support for the student. The guide includes algebraic and geometric definitions plus an annotated listing of necessary axioms, algorithms, postulates, and propositions. Along with the written definitions, the mathematical concepts is reinforced with visual representations. Within the geometry course there are multiple classroom activities provided called explorations provided; however, there are no activities provided for Algebra, so we have highlighted some of these mathematical concepts with hands-on, supplementary activities. Additional activities are also provided for a few Geometry lessons. These activities may be presented by the instructor/mentor, or may be performed by the student in a semi-independent work environment. While developed to assist the tutor and/or student with successful completion of a PASS course, the Algebra/Geometry Tutor Guide offers general strategies for helping any student studying algebra or geometry.

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